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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

by Robert Desdauza

Facebook messenger is one of the commonest social media applications in every individual’s phone. It has made the Facebook interactions much simpler and convenient by involving various functions and options. It has even made possible to retrieve the deleted Facebook messages. 

Some messages are too vital to be deleted, be it from work or the loved ones. It could cause a damage to lose some of the crucial messages. But one can prevent them from facing such damage by considering some of the possible ways.

  • Do not fright or panic- Firstly, the person should re-ensure if the message was actually deleted as the message cannot be deleted without a prior confirmation. 
  • Ask the recipient to send the screenshot- the message can be deleted from one end but it is not necessary that the other person has also deleted it. So, the message can be retrieved from him. 
  • Go through the archived messages- there is an option to either delete or archive the chats. There is a possibility that the required messages might be archived. 
  • Check the email notifications- the messages that are received on the Facebook notify to the email that is signed up with Facebook. It also poses as a chance to retrieve the lost message.

Facebook messenger follows a principle named, off the Internet. It states that there is another copy of the messages in the phone memory. Individuals, for whom the messaging on Facebook is imperative or are using it for their business, are recommended to back up all the chats and data to prevent any further problems of deleting them by accident. 

 Following steps are to be followed to recover them:

  • Log in to the Facebook account.
  • Proceed to the settings > General Account Settings.
  • Select “Your Facebook Information” in the left panel.
  • Opt for the “Download your information” option.
  • Proceed to the messages and then tap “create file”
  • Wait for the process to be completed.
  • The file will be downloaded and it will notify you.
  • The Facebook backup file would pop up, containing all the folders of chats and files.
  • The inbox folder contains the names of all the recipients that communicated. 
  • Go to the file ‘message.html’ which will open in the browser and would allow reading the messages.

Another solution to the problem of deleted messages is to use a third-party application. The data recovery tools are worked on advanced algorithms, which are used to recover the lost files and data effortlessly. These tools offer a few useful features such as:

  • It provides easy and seamless user experience with an advanced solution to the problem.
  • Supports to recover urgent data.
  • Helps in the investigation process.
  • Allows previewing before recovering all files and data.
  • Supports various software and devices including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and more.

You can these and more information regarding recovering deleted Facebook messages on windowspcsecrets.com. Here you are bound to find the right way of recovering the lost messages.

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