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How to purchase a mobile phone case

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There are many kinds of mobile phone cases. How to choose a suitable mobile phone case? These questions can provide you with reference.

Thickness and transparency

Sometimes, the excellent design of the back cover of the mobile phone is the main reason. Because of this, more people don’t use mobile phone cases. Or some people just don’t want the things in your pockets to be too big. If style is more important to you than protection, then you can choose a transparent mobile phone case. It can prevent scratching the area it covers. If you don’t want the mobile phone case to make the mobile phone thicker, you can choose a lighter mobile phone case. And the protection of such mobile phone cases is weaker.

The HONOR 20 case provided on the official website of HONOR is light and thin. It provides very good protection.

Split Type

The split mobile phone case is fashionable and easy to carry. If you plan to put your mobile phone in your backpack, this kind of mobile phone case is a good choice. And it can provide all-round protection. The split mobile phone case can provide all-round protection when the mobile phone falls by accident.

If you are willing to pay a premium, then leather mobile phone cases are irreplaceable. The vast majority of protective covers for split mobile phone cases are made of PU (polyurethane) and are sometimes spun into “artificial leather”. PU is very good, but it smells very difficult. And it will become easy to break with the passage of time.

The split mobile phone case supports the sleep wake-up function. The equipment should automatically resume operation when opening the cover and enter the sleep state when closing. If you don’t want to bear the risk of accidental opening of the mobile phone case, the closing method of the mobile phone case is important. The design of magnetic buckle is more fashionable. But its strength is not as good as elastic buckle, lug or stud buckle.

Many split cell phone cases provide credit card slots, but they cannot replace wallets. Too many cards will make the mobile phone thick, so this function is not very practical.

Battery Case

As far as complaints about mobile technology are concerned, poor battery life still tops the list. For smart phones, you can always consider buying a battery case. These phone cases have a built-in battery that can replenish your smart phone for several hours.

But the battery case is heavy. If they are thinner, it is because the batteries inside are not very large and often cannot provide enough electricity. You need to see the ratings for mAh. However, it may differ from the actual situation. So it is necessary to carry out real tests to ensure that the battery capacity is the same as the label.

Many battery case designs do not provide too many protection methods. Their main function is to charge mobile phones. You must consult the manufacturer about its protection capability.

These aspects can only provide you with some reference. You would better to choose the most suitable mobile phone case according to the actual needs.

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