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Here’s how your company can do better with cybersecurity

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It is rather surprising how some of the biggest corporations and brands have suffered because of cyberattacks and data breaches. Beyond the financial & revenue losses, the damage to reputation and marketing standing can take years in recovery. Small and medium-scale companies would be foolish to think that they are not on the radar of hackers. Every company has to take a proactive stance towards cybersecurity, and for your help, we are sharing the basic guidelines below.

Consider testing your system by third-party ethical hackers

Heard how large brands are spending on bug bounty programs? The idea is simple – To pay ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts to get systems, networks and DVR hacked, so as to find possible vulnerabilities. It is absolutely necessary to get an outsider look into your security system and perimeters, so that all possible attempts of hacks, and breaches can be prevented.

Along with security training, it’s crucial to teach employees how to access company tools securely. For example, if you’re using time clock software such as BuddyPunch, you should train employees on how to access their accounts and how to securely log out once they are done accessing their work hour records.

Watch out for ransomware, phishing attacks and malware

These are the most common ways in which hackers have attacked businesses, and it is quite astonishing to know that many businesses are blatantly unaware of the consequences. Ensure that your employees are aware of what a phishing may mean, or how malware can infect and infiltrate networks and systems.

Train your people

Frontline employees are often indirectly responsible for some of the biggest data breaches and hacking attempts, often because they are not guided about the cybersecurity concerns or their role in protecting company data and resources. You have to ensure that people are trained, educated, and informed on basic things link untrusted networks, firewalls, popups, fishy websites, ransomware, phishing attacks and malware at the least.

Focus on basic aspects of cybersecurity

You can ask some basic questions to fix cybersecurity problems, such as –

  • Do you encourage employees, users and managers to change default passwords?
  • Have you established guidelines for setting new passwords?
  • Do you have a pre-decided guide for reacting to a data breach?
  • Are all software programs, firmware and apps updated on a regular basis?
  • Have you uninstalled the unused and old software programs?
  • Have you considered use of multi-factor authorization?
  • Do you use the lockout feature for selected networks, apps and software?

Cybersecurity is not a onetime thing, and businesses have to be aware of their role and stance towards preventing a hacking attempt or attack. Small steps can go a long way in reducing such attempts, so don’t fall behind on your cybersecurity measures.

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