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4 tips and tricks for Instagram

by Daniel Donna

Having a few Instagram tricks up your sleeve is always a great idea. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, there are tons of cool things we can show you to help give your account a boost.

Use the “Story Highlights” column

If you regularly post stories, you shouldn’t just let them disappear after 24 hours! Especially if the stories contain universal added value for the user, the stories should be grouped thematically in the “Story Highlight” column of your own profile.

This extends the life of the stories and gives visitors to their own profile one more reason to browse their own profile even longer!

Don’t tag people on your own posts for no reason

Other users can be tagged on Instagram posts. This is useful, for example, if you want to depict the respective people in group pictures. Or when you present the influencers of your own campaigns.

What we absolutely advise against is to mark strangers and companies on their own posts without their knowledge. This is done repeatedly to draw attention to one’s own content. Many even see this as a low-cost acquisition. Watch and save Instagram stories of your competitors anonymously with storiesig online tool.

But the fact is: hardly anything is more annoying from the point of view of the “marked”! Here, too, it shows again that there are no shortcuts for success on Instagram. If you want to come into contact with important people and companies, you have to be able to offer them corresponding cover letters and added value.

Repost the content of your own community

So-called ” User Generated Content ” is part of the dream of every company. After all, what is nicer than when your own customers publish posts on Instagram with their own products? After all, this is not just real proof that the quality of your own products is right. On top of that, there is also free advertising.

And: when we “repost” the content on our site – that is, we publish it again – we have created additional content without any effort of our own. The “reposting” itself, however, only works with appropriate third-party apps.

We also recommend that you always ask the individual users for permission in advance. So you play it safe and have another point of contact with your own target group. A real “win-win” situation!

Reply to private messages quickly

Anyone who receives messages from their own target group on Instagram can consider themselves lucky! After all, this usually means that inquiries are made about their own products and solutions. Often you also get important feedback and suggestions in this way.

Our urgent Instagram tip at this point is therefore: You should reply to such messages as soon as possible!

From the perspective of your own company, this level of attention is the greatest one can get on Instagram! If several days pass between the request and the answer, in the worst case the interest of the other person will also decrease. In addition, this does not fit with the fast pace and direct interaction on the platform!

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